Export Market Promotion Scheme

India is the largest producer and exporter of coir (yarn, coir pith, coir mats, matting, carpets and rugs) in the world with a share of 70% of coir yarn, semi finished raw materials and 75% of finished coir products in global trade. However, with the advent of liberalization, coir faces stiff competition not only from cheap synthetic substitutes but also fibres like Jute, sisal, abaca, cotton, wool, etc. The main destinations for export of coir products are USA, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. There is considerable scope for furthering the exports through product diversification and exploration of new markets for conventional and non-conventional end use application. Creation of additional employment opportunities to rural poor through promotion of exports and consequent increased utilization of existing raw material also calls for continued governmental support to this sector.

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