Bizadviser is a complete Guide and a ‘Tool Kit’ to guide and help you to start a New Business Enterprise. It contains 101 Small Business projects for you to choose any one of them based on your intuition, skills, education, experience and background.

This guide will not only help you in clearing your doubts about the Business as a career but also apprise you about all steps to establish your business enterprise systematically and successfully. Success of any business depends not only on the investment of time, money and hard work but, also as to how you plan and execute your business idea. One should start a business enterprise after identifying appropriate business activity by doing adequate research and understanding of the market for that product and obtaining proper approvals. Selecting appropriate place of business, understanding its technical and financial aspects and doing adequate planning for successful outcomes over a period of time are the other desirable requirements of a new business enterprise. This guide will help you in giving you complete information and knowledge about all these aspects. 

Even if you have no idea as to what business you should start, this book will provide you with a large number of ideas which would in some way or the other, match with your interest. Reading these ideas you would surely be able to relate your passion and interest with one or more of such ideas. In the back of your mind, you would realize that you had, in past, thought of engaging in that activity or doing that business.

You come across or read about a lot of successful businesspersons and how they have been able to build big successful business empires in not a very long period of time and have become celebrities. Their companies are listed on the stock exchanges with large market capitalization and shareholders.If you read their background you will come to know that almost all of them started with a humble background as a small business entity and went on to become a large business conglomerate with their proper understanding, research, adequate planning and effective implementation of their idea. This book is meant to provide you with all these important traits of success. If you are puzzled and unable to decide as to whether you should pursue a job as a means of livelihood or start a small business, if availability of job is not certain to you or your existing job is not comfortable and you think of starting your own business, if you want to get rid of daily uncomfortable and hard routine in your job, if you want to make more money and get independence by way of becoming a boss of yourself as owner of your company and Instead of being a ‘job seeker’ you want to become a ‘job provider’ and to have a sense of pride, this Book is meant for you. It will certainly make you a self made Boss of your own company. You will not only get rid of everyday humiliation and subordination of your bosses & seniors but, also be able to have the pleasure and satisfaction of providing jobs to others and livelihood opportunities to many unemployed youth. You will be able to contribute financially to the Government exchequer by way of taxes and help in ‘Nation Building’ with a great sense of pride. This book will help you in achieving all these laurels in life and transform your life into an independent, productive and successful human being. Instead of being dependent on others to earn your livelihood you will provide livelihood support to many others as a responsible person of the society. This book will not only help you achieve this Goal but, also motivate you to mentor many others who are in similar state of uncertainty. With the help of this book, you can become a ‘mentor’ to many others to turn their dream into reality.

The Start up Guide provides you complete Guidance in respect of following :

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